Welcome to my site!

Hello Phantom Phanatics to the Phantom Phanatics Phan Club! Here you will be able to get to know the characters a bit, watch videos, chat with friends, and eventually a bit more. Take a look aorund and make sure to leave me your comments!
-Nikki Graves 

Come on to our awesome sister site, created by our own Maria Anderson!:  http://thedannyphantomnuts.yolasite.com/

Also, created by our own Maria Anderson, please go to this link. If you love Danny Phantom as much as we do, and want it back, then please, go here. Tell your friends, family, anybody and everybody who will be willing to save Danny Phantom. Her goal is to get 5,000 supporters to sign. All's you have to do is put your name (it doesn't even have to be real!) your email, and that's it! Then you just agree to the petition, and we could have a chance to bring him back! Save the ghost we love the most!  

 Contact info: nikkigraves21@aol.com

If you have any questioins, comments, suggestions or concerns, please contact me at the e-mail given above.
-Nikki Graves 

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom. Butch Hartman does.

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