Here's where you can meet the characters!

Daniel/Danny Fenton:
Age: 14
Danny is your normal teenage kid dealing with ordinary teenage problems. He's clumsy, awkward, shy and his parents are eccentric ghost hunting inventors. But after an accident in his parents lab, Danny becomes half ghost. Now on top of dealing with normal teenage problems he has to fight ghosts that threaten to destroy the town. At least he has his friends to help him.

Samantha/Sam Manson
Age: 14
 Sam is an Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarian and a Goth. She is an avid believer in free thinking and nonconformity. Unique is good in her books. She's smart and can keep a level head in most situations. She doesn't get along to well with her parents, but just fine with her grandmother. Danny and Sam share special 'feelings' for each other, but are contantly denying it.

Madeline/Maddie Fenton
Age: 45
Maddie is an eccentric ghost hunter, much better at ghost hunting than her husband, Jack. She is the mother of Danny and Jazz Fenton. She also has a sister, Alicia Walker. Maddie is a ninth degree black belt, and has great aim when using ghost weapons.

Dashiel/Dash Baxter
Age: Unknown
Dash is the big man on campus, as he his a jock, star football player, and, known by Danny, the school bully, constantly harrassing Danny by shoving him in lockers and such. He may have the brawn, but he defiantly doesn't have much for brains.

Age: 15
Paulina. Where do I start? Well, let's say that she is the most beautiful girl in school, and is also the most popular girl in school. She is categorized by Sam as a "shallow little witch". Until Danny realized his feelings for Sam, and before he dated Valerie, he had had a strong 'crush' on this Hispanic beauty. She is very snobby, and perfectly fits the teenage stereotype, living the popular cheerleader dream.

Valerie Gray
Age: 14
Valerie was once a rich, popular girl in the 'in' crowd at Casper high, but after her Dad getting fired, due to a ghost dog-which she blames Danny Phantom for, thinking it is his dog, therefore his fault-attacking Axion Labs (place where her Dad works). She is now counted as a loser, but surprisingly, Star still hangs out with her. She has dated Danny and Tucker both. She is originally snobby and stubborn, but as the show continues further, she starts to show a better side. She is bent on destroying Danny Phantom for ruining her life. 

Mr. Lancer
Age: Unknown
Mr. Lancer is a teacher, substitute teacher, and the Vice-Principal at Casper High. He is constantly attempting to act cool to get to know his students better, but always fails. When in distress, he normally calls out names of books. During his high school years, he was a male cheerleader. 

Bertrand is a shapeshifting ghost, who in his normal form, is just a green blob. He can shift into many things. He is Spectra's assistant, and appears to be dating her.

Penelope Spectra
Spectra is a shadow ghost that can look like a human. She feeds off teen misery, and poses as a school counselor. She is dating Bertrand. 

Hotep-Ra is the mummy-like spirit of an ancient minion of King Duulaman, an Egyptian pharaoh who inexplicably looked highly similar to Tucker.  He was released from his eternal sleep when Tucker looked into the mirror at the front of his sarcophagus.

Youngblood is portrayed as a child who plays Dress-Up as a game. He has an assistant, a skeleton-like shapeshifter who takes the form of animals who go along with these characters. He is extremely carefree, sporty and not so surprisingly childish. He loves playing dress up more than a game, and unlike Danny's other enemies has no desire for world domination, and is more for funtime. He seems to enjoy his eternal Childhood, he also views adults as party-poopers, he is also quite smart and is a natural leader, commanding a vast army of undead ghost pirates. 

Walker is the vigilante warden of the large prison in the Ghost Zone, where he imprisons the inhabitants for minor offenses. He is extremely strict and a stickler for his rules, always seeking to punish those who defy them. He commands his prison and minions with an iron fist and goes to whatever measures he has to in order to preserve order, even making up laws as he goes along.

Vortex is a Millenia-old ghost, and is also the ghost of the weather. He finds the earth to be a meaningless planet, and has wrought havoc on the earth throughout the ages.

Undergrowth regards plants over all life. To him, they are his "children". He sees humans as fragile, temporary lives that won't last long; "Humans are merely a temporary weed in the garden of life...a weed that can be removed." He prefers using humans to do his dirty work. However does show some respect to humans who want to help nature, such as rebirthing Sam as his "daughter".

Ember Mclain
Ember McLain is a hard rocking siren-like ghost girl who feeds off the idol worship of teenagers. Ember's appearance, songs, and character in general portray her as a ghostly embodiment of teenage rebellion and disobedience to authority figures.

The Lunch Lady
The Lunch Lady is normally fairly sweet, but when her menu is changed she turns vicious. She has a particular fondness for meat.

Nicolai Technus
Although a genius in his own right, Technus is an incessant braggart, usually broadcasting his plans to his enemies before he has a chance to act them out (although this flaw was somewhat dulled upon his upgrade, Technus 2.0). He also has a habit of using painfully outdated slang, such as "hip" and "far-out." Outside of a machine, Technus is physically weak, and Danny is usually able to capture him with ease. He hates human felt emotions, but knows how to use them to his advantage.

He is the predator ghost hunter (constantly claiming to be: "The Ghost Zone's greatest hunter!") who hunts down rare and unique things, and sets his sights eventually on Danny. Skulker is a small ghost blob who wears a large battle suit.

Dark Danny/Dark Dan/Dan Phantom/Dan Plasmius
This is Vlad's and Danny's ghost halves mixed together (ten years in the future), Vlad's evilness overpowering Danny's ghost half. He is a terrible villian, with no mercy for anything, and only wants to destroy things.

The Box Ghost
He is the laughing stock of the Ghost Zone. He isn't really a threat, more of a nuisance.

Box Lunch
The daughter of The Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady, ten years in the future. Box Lunch combines her parents' personalities. Like her mother, she will sometimes turn sweet and offer some food, but will quickly turn ferocious. Like her father, she seems to think she is a bigger threat than she is, and even uses his catchphrase, "Beware!"

Sydney PoinDexter
PoinDexter is known as the nerd of Casper High, and uses his powers to bully the bullies and protect the nerds and special kids.

Amorpho has the ability to shape his body so he can look like another person, object, animal, etc. In "Forever Phantom", he takes the appearance of Danny to cause trouble. Later, when Danny and Amorpho are shot by the neutralizing ectoplasmic weapon, Danny cannnot return to his human form and Amorpho cannot change his shape. At the end of the episode, he helps Danny return to his human form.

Three Vulture Ghosts
Age: 2,008
The vultures are (or possibly were) three ghosts minions of Vlad. Due to the fact they can talk, it's possible that they are a subject of his experiments with genetics.

The Observants (in picture, known as Observant #1 and #2)
A pair of ghosts whose faces appear to be nothing more than large eyes. True to their name, they observe the events of both the human world and the Ghost Zone. Interestingly, the Observants are not allowed, or possibly unable, to interfere with the course of events; they are confined to their spectation. This fact, however, does not stop the pair from nagging others into manipulating such events. The Observants often call upon Clockwork to do work for them. 

Frostbite and his race (known as the Far Frozen), despite their fearsome appearances, are intelligent creatures capable of many things--including medicine and technology. They refer to Danny as the "Great One" or the "Savior of the Ghost Zone", and treat him like a king (Frostbite introduces himself as Danny's "humble servant"), due to his defeat of Pariah Dark in "Reign Storm". 

The owner of Pandora's Box appears in "Boxed Up Fury" in which Danny seeks her to stop the Box Ghost. Not much else is known about her other than her constant desire to keep further evil from spreading out of her box that she guards.

The Dairy King
The Dairy King used to live in Vlad Masters' mansion. Now his ghost haunts the castle, wanting to be left alone. The dairy king is one of the first nicest ghosts Danny meets. The Dairy King is Canadian and his favourite phrase is "Don't Ya Know!"

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 Danny Phantom, Danny Fenton's ghostly alter ego. While his human half shows a clumsy, shy kid just trying to fit in, his ghost half is heroic, and is bound and determined to save anybody, and everybody. Whether they be friend or foe. He just can't fight that hero complex of his.

Tucker Foley
Age: 14
Tucker is a meat fanatic, having nothing to do with vegetables at all. He is also a techno-geek, and is practically in love with anything that has to do with technology. He's Danny's best friend, and they have been since "forever" and will probably always be. 

 Jazmine/Jazz Fenton
Age: 16
Jazz is smart, as in super smart. She'd rather be right and humiliated then wrong any day. She can be often found reading psychology books and trying to relate them to her own life. She found out Danny's secret on her own, and kept it. She's not the best ghost hunter there is, considering her dad trained her, but she tries. The point is that she's always there for her little brother.

Jack Fenton
Age: 46
Jack is...very incompetant. He can be a good father and husband when his family is in danger. He's not very good at aim. And yet, even though he is quite...irresponsible, he's very intelligent when it comes to inventing new ghost weapons. He is the husband of Maddie Fenton, and father of Danny and Jazz Fenton. He has a strong love for fudge, and his best 'friend' is Vlad Masters, his college buddy. 

Age: 14-15
Kwan is known as Dash's number one man, as he is always hanging out with him. Nothing much is known about him except that even though he is a 'bully', he is also actually nice. He plays on the football team, and is shown in the episode "Lucky in Love" to have supposedly started dating Star. 

Age: Unknown
Star is a very minor character, known as Paulina's 'sattilite', always hanging out with her. She is shown to be just as snotty and pushy as Paulina, and has once gone out with Tucker, but completely used him as her human pack-mule. Not much is known about her except that she is Paulina's best friend and is a cheerleader.

 Damon Grey
Age: Unknown
Damon Gray is the father of Valerie Gray. Not much is known about him, other than that. In "Flirting With Disaster" he shows to like Danny, but tells him to "keep his family's ghost weirdness away from his daughter".

Danielle/Dani Fenton                          Danielle/Dani Phantom
Age: 12
Dani is Danny's clone, created by Vlad Masters/Plasmius, Danny's arch enemy. She is different due to her age, and gender though, and is just like Danny-except she is a girl. She was once evil, doing everythign her 'Father'(Vlad) said, but when Danny was able to show her that he was a liar, and only using her, she opted out to help save Danny. 

Vladimir/Vlad Masters/Plasmius
Age: 46
Vlad was once a normal human, Jacks best college buddy. That is, until there was an accident, giving him ecto-acne and thus, granting him ghost powers. He hates Jack for doing this, is madly in love with Maddie, and wants Danny to be his perfect half-ghost son and apprentice. But Danny refuses his services towards the man, and likes to call him a 'fruit loop'.

Lydia is a silent ghost, who has never been seen to talk. She is Freakshow's sidekick.She can bring the tattoos that cover her body to life. 

 Frederich Isak Showenhower/Freakshow
This 100% living human wouldn't be much of a threat if it wasn't his knowledge of all things ghostly. He has no problem with killing someone to get what he wants. His down fall is that he aims to make everything dramatic, including his escapes. He shows to have a close relationship with Lydia, a ghost. This is shown when he shows fear for this ghost in "Reality Trip" when he discovers the Guys In White have her. 

The Ghostwriter
 The Ghost Writer does not seem to be that evil. The only reason he trapped Danny in his poem was for revenge and to teach him a lesson. He has a fear of oranges, seeing as he cannot rhyme it.

Prince Aragon 
The older brother of Dora the Dragon Ghost. He's a ruthless ghost with a short fuse. His amulet allows him to transform into a Dragon, just like his sisters does. He's a bit spoiled, and wants what no one else has.

Desiree is a ghost who travels the world granting anyone's deepest desires. She is the only character with voluptus curves and sultry vocal chords. However, the wishes usually have disastrous results or consequences. The more wishes she grants, the more powerful she becomes. The name Desiree is based on the French word which means "wish." Her name even resembles the word "desire."

Fright Night
 A ruthless knight, the Fright Knight lives to strike fear into the hearts of anyone he's against. If that doesn't work, he prefers to fight his way, using his skills to proclaim his superiority. It seems he either teams up or works for anyone whom might be of potential benefit to him. He also appears to have a flair for dramatics, and poetry, doing near everything in a dramatic way, and belowing his warning to Danny and Vlad in a poem. He seems to have worked for Pariah Dark, the ghost king, Dan, and also looks as if he starts working for Vlad at the end of "Reign Storm". He rides a pegasus horse named Nightmare.

Nocturn is the ghost of sleep and dreaming; he and his army of Sleep Walkers made the entire citizenry of Amity Park fall into a deep slumber, slipping a metal helmet on each person's head, to absorb their dream energy (according to him, good dreams are the kind that produce oneiric energy; nightmares produce none whatsoever), increase his power, and become all-powerful.

Pariah Dark, the ghost king
Pariah Dark is the King of all Ghosts, with control of the powerful Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire. While wearing both of these items, Pariah Dark has near limitless power. He commands the Fright Night as well as an army of Skeletal ghosts. Very powerful foe, but more interested in becoming king than defeating his enemies. He resides in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep.

The Guys in White (agent K and O)
The "Guys in White" are part of a secret government organization whose goal is to eliminate all ghosts and other paranormal beings on earth. The organization mainly focuses around two agents tasked on capturing Danny Phantom. Like Valerie, they are more like anit-heroes, rather than villains.

Johnny 13
Johnny 13  is a classic '50s biker with bad luck. His shadow, which has a life of its own, spreads this luck to others. He has a girlfriend, Kitty; his main motivation is to be left alone with him. However, when he starts getting bored, his shadow starts causing trouble, and Danny starts to get in his way. His shadow is very brutal, although it is easily subdued by light.

The source of Johnny 13's powers. It has its own will but, at the same time, obeys its master's every command. It has the power to spontaneously cause events of bad-luck, as well as hide and pose in shadows. Its main weakness is light, but it can also be affected by water.

Kitty is Johnny 13's girlfriend who unwittingly causes trouble for Danny. She gets very jealous when Johnny's eyes roam to other girls. She can be selfish at times, but unless anyone is hurting Johnny (or if Johnny gets too lecherous of other girls), she is trouble free. She is somewhat a seductress similar to a succubus.

Despite Danny's initial struggle with the pajama-clad ghost, Klemper exhibits Casper's goal and just wants a friend. His creepy and stalker-ish demeanor to get one hasn't bode well for him, causing him to remain alone and desperate. He has a slurred speech but has a friendly deminor. When he's feeling antagonized, Klemper retaliates with his ice-based attack.

Princess Dorathea/Dora the Dragon Ghost/Dora
Dora is one of the villains that Dannyncounters. She is the younger sister of Prince Aragon and lives with him in a castle in the Ghost Zone that was, until "Beauty Marked", stuck in medieval times. Like her brother, she possess a magical amulet that allows her to turn into a dragon. She is first shown as a villian, but she seems to actually be friends, when not provoked.

Clockwork, Master of Time, is considered one of Danny's mentors. He has three forms, changing from his elderly form, to his adult form, to his child form, and has a slight lisp, always talking calmy no matter what the situation is. It is unknown whether he is good or evil, but in the end, he makes everything to most everybody's benefit. He claims to "know everything.".

Cujo is a small ghostly dog that appeared in the episode "Shades of Gray". Though seemingly harmless, he can change from a cute little puppy into an enormous, rabid, dog monster.

It is unknown if he is the ghost of a wolf, or a creature born within the Ghost Zone. He also speaks Esperanto, which Tucker understands, and Sam and Danny later learn. Wulf was a prisoner of Walker, who sends him to find Danny Phantom and his friends, in exchange for his freedom. However, after meeting Danny, the two quickly became good friends. They learn that Wulf can rip open a rift between the Ghost Zone and the living world with his claws.


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