Here's where you can watch every single episode of season 1! Sorry about how it is. My computer doesn't exactly agree with links, and this is all I can do to put them on here...

Season 1: 

Episode 1: Mystery Meat 

Episode 2: Parental Bonding 

Episode 3: One of a Kind

Episode 4: Attack of the Killer Garage Sale

Episode 5: Splitting Images

 Episode 6: What You Want

Episode 7: Bitter Reunions 

Episode 8: Prisoners of Love 

Episode 9: My Brother's Keeper 

Episode 10: Shades of Gray 

Episode 11: Fanning the Flames 

Episode 12: Teacher of the Year 

Episode 13: Johnny 13 

Episode 14: Public Enemies 

Episdoe 15: Fright Night 

Episode 16: Maternal Instinct

Episode 17: Lucky in Love 

Episode 18: Life Lessons 

Episode 19: The Million Dollar Ghost 

Episode 20: Control Freaks 

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